Monkeyshine and Macaroons WRAP (wellness and reablement program) is a new 10-week activity program aimed at improving the strength and balance of older adults to improve overall physical, cognitive, social and emotional wellbeing.

Activities will derive from circus moves to create a fun and relaxed environment. There will be juggling, spinning plates and hula hoops. Activities will be followed by some refreshment and social time. Local Physiotherapist Matthew Hayman of EP Physio Plus and Occupational Therapist Brooke George of Holistic Occupational Therapy will work with West Coast Homecare to run the first group program commencing 9th August.

Participants for this initial pilot program will be registered clients of West Coast Homecare who have been assessed and will benefit for the movement and balance activities.

Following the Pilot group, it is hoped that the success of this unique wellness and reablement program will continue to run during school terms and new participants will want to join in this unadulterated silliness or monkeyshine program!