In the gardens of the St Thomas Anglican Church on Adelaide Place lives ‘Aunty Connie’, the Port Lincoln communities very own mosaic couch.

The beautiful mosaic couch was named Connie after it was decided that this was a spot for conversation, connection and contemplation.

The project began with a group of women aged between 60-92 years young, from Tumby Bay and Port Lincoln who volunteered their time for many months, learned new skills and built new friendships to help the mosaic piece come to life. It all came together with help of artist Karen Carr and West Coast Homecare Coordinator, Kate Eglinton.

The support, not only from West Coast Homecare but also from the local businesses who supplied materials made the project possible and really made it a community project.

This now treasured local attraction is a big part of the community, with locals and tourists always taking photos on the couch to post on Aunty Connie’s very own Facebook page.

The Facebook page shares the stories of those who visit Connie, from locals to international travellers and everyone in between.

A big thank you to the team and our community for making this possible.

Follow the stories @AuntyConniePortLincoln